So this summer I had the pleasure of helping organize for a friend, an amazing Canadian artist, her first solo art show, showcasing 18 years of artwork!

Sze Yun Lo's body of work experiments with a variety of mediums, from the traditional watercolors of the Lingnan style, to more western mediums of acrylics, and even designed products.

She specializes in a style known as Lingnan - she is the youngest in Vancouver and one of the last of our generation that we know of still practicing the Lingnan style. She has been practicing art for 18 years and apprenticed under four local Chinese art masters. She was the last apprentice of Letty Shea (Lingnan School), and also apprenticed under art masters Mah Zi Ping (Lingnan School), Huang Su Ya (portraiture), and Kai Chuen Kam (Chinese calligraphy). Being a contemporary artist, she has experimented and mixed western mediums and styles, to push her art in unique directions. Unique as an artist in Vancouver - SzeYun brings a dying traditional Chinese art form, into a 21st century fusion. But just like Vancouver, her work is a mashing of East to West. The exhibition was on July 13th, at the Orpheum Annex. Designated pieces of art were also being auctioned to raise funds for selected charities.

If you are interested in any of her work,
please check out her Online Catalogue here!

For any inquiries: syl.arts[@] / 778-994-4683


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