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      • Greasemonkey for Prism
        For those of you unfamiliar with Prism, I will keep it short and let you read the rest on their website. Mozilla Prism is a piece of software (based off Firefox and which is also available as an Addon to Firefox) that allows you to create a desktop web-application of your favorite web service.
      • Bill Verplank's IxD
        Bill Verplank's definition of Interaction Design

      • Augmented Reality Apps
        After seeing some examples of Augmented Reality Applications, most using the new iPhone 3GS, it has gotten me excited.
        Here is an example of a shooter game and a real-world subway navigation system:

        These are amazing! I would really love the chance for me to be able to create a

      • HOME
        HOME is an amazing film of our home, Earth, with absolutely beautiful panoramas and cinematography! ... its amazingly beautiful, and with a message too~
        The full HD video is used to be availble on youtube, but not anymore. Please check out the trailer - in HD!

        For more, check o

      • Node Powerbar Design
        The Node is a pretty cool power bar / power outlet design.
        Node Power Outlet Makes Power Strips Almost Useless
        Node—a power outlet that can accept several cables safely—may be the power outlet of tomorrow

      • Feedback
        Heres a blog post all about dealing with feedback as designers.

      • The NYC High Line Park
        In New York, a former elevated railway gets turned into a park! : High Line Park!

        An awesome example of urban re-purposing of derelict or unused space. Turning an overpass or existing structure into something new can be amazing feats of urban design.

      • Ikea Nail Holding Tool
        Cool Tools: Ikea Nail-Driving Utensil
        A review of Ikea Nail-Driving Utensil (Brilliant free knickknack), a Cool Tool

      • Ingenious rethinking of existing structures
        Harvesting the Wind
        Three young French designers hatch an ingenious plan to use existing infrastructure to create clean energy
        A great design concept of modifying existing towers that hold up high voltage power lines to make clean, sustainable, wind electricity!

      • Prolong lithium-ion based batteries
        This is for everyone who has a laptop.
        If your not interested in details, scroll to the bottom for the simple guides for prolonging your battery.
        I would kinda ignore the recalibrating one (esp with Asus). But I'd add this one: Don't discharge the battery past 30% (at most 20%).<

      • FAQ
        Here are some answers - Some peeves that I must point out, things I must clarify to you, or answers to questions that are often discussed around me. I will periodically add and update to this list over time.

        + The word you should be using is Contemporary, not Modern. 'Modern' de

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