It is unclear if we have to tap in then out again on a bus, or if one tap is enough. What difference does it make if I only tap in? If I were on a pay as you go credit on the card rather than a monthly pass, could I possibly be charged more for tapping twice vs once? These are questions I would expect from many bus riders.
There should be clear labelling and instructions on what the protocol is for tapping in/out busses and it should not affect how much I am charged.

Compass card readers seem to easily interfere with other RFID cards in wallet.

The card reader beep, is an unsatisfying lower pitched, 1.5 second beep. It should be unique, like our skytrain tone. Just like the design of that tone, it should be uplifting and cheerful.
I would suggest three quick beeps, three notes increasing in pitch, similar to the skytrain sounds. I would also suggest starting in a higher pitch, as the current beep is barely audible in a noisy bus or station.
Also, the beep on the bus card readers are way too quiet.

Slightly slow, laggy response on the gates and the card readers. Its about a few tenths of a second slower than it should be. I was recently in Hong Kong and London and their reader response was instantaneous.
This was especially true, when using a monthly pass beyond it's 1 zone, and an add-fare needs to be charged, the system seemed to lag more.

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